Foundry production


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«Being one of the major kinds of preparatory processes in machinery manufacturing industry, foundry manufacturing requires a superior quality of output.  The experience of many years has proved that opting for cheaper goods eventually does not only lead to the Customer investing more money, time and manpower, but also seriously undermines the whole machine-building complex. There is nothing unique about our blanks. Except for their top quality.

Moreover, foundry production can be environmentally friendly. Realizing the negative impact of preparatory production activities on the environment, we take all necessary measures to eliminate life and health hazards for company employees and city dwellers. We have proved it in practical terms that, by consuming resources reasonably, optimizing production and introducing a zero waste production cycle, a "harmful" foundry production can be turned into an ecologically safe one».

Andrey M. Yakovlev, CEO of ZAO “OHTAlit”


Our mission is implementing blank production for Russia’s machine-building, ship-building and defence complexes at a superior level of quality while ensuring eco-safety for the city’s environment along with eliminating hazards for people’s lives and health. 

«In our workpiece nothing unique.
Addition to high quality!»